Former Pike County Super to Lead Schools Recovery - Scranton Citizen
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Former Pike County Super to Lead Schools Recovery

The Pennsylvania Department of Education appointed Dr. Candis Finan as chief recovery officer for the troubled Scranton School District.  Finan, who previously served as superintendent and deputy superintendent of Pike County schools, is charged with developing a plan to help solve the district’s financial problems.

In a statement released to the public, Dr. Alexis Kirijan, schools superintendent, welcomed Finan.  She wrote, “I look forward to the work we will do together to lead the district to financial solvency and greatly appreciate the hard work our Board of Education, faculty, and staff have done and will continue to do to serve our students.”

The appointment comes after last month’s declaration of financial recovery status for Scranton schools.  The new status requires local leaders to work with state professionals to develop and execute a plan that could include layoffs, reductions in services, and tax increases.

School Director Katie Gilmartin, a member of the School Board’s reform minded minority, was heartened by news of Finan’s selection.  In a post to Facebook, Gilmartin wrote, “Having had the opportunity to observe a panel discussion facilitated by Dr. Finan, I am confident she has the knowledge, experience and temperament to guide our efforts. I look forward to working together!”

Democratic State Representative Kyle Mullins condemned those at the helm of the school system.  He said, “The financial and managerial deficiencies that have come to light during the recent audits conducted by Auditor General Eugene DePasquale – along with ongoing criminal investigations – have been alarming, to say the least.”

On the choice of the former superintendent, Mullins continued, “Finan brings a tremendous amount of expertise as both an educator and an administrator, and I believe she will bring relevant experience and objectivity to the many challenges facing the Scranton School District.”

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