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Flynn Wants to Raise PA Minimum Wage

Democratic State Representative Marty Flynn took on Republican colleagues last week with a spirited pitch to raise the Pennsylvania minimum wage.  Democratic Governor Tom Wolf wants to double the wage by 2025 and the majority members of the  GOP led House Appropriations Committee were not having it.

At a hearing in Harrisburg, Republican State Representative Stan Saylor, who chairs the committee, pushed back against those who call for the minimum wage to be a living wage.  He said, “It’s supposed to be where you start out in life. We’ve got to get off this idea we need to keep people at minimum wage.”

Flynn found himself on the opposite side.  In an exchange with Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development Secretary Dennis Davin, he asked, “Do you feel a sense of morality in terms of raising the minimum wage?”

“There has been a great discussion in the Legislature on an increase and what that increase should be,” replied Davin.

“Every neighboring state has a higher minimum wage than we do,” said Flynn.  He pointed out that not all minimum wage positions are entry positions and many families are struggling.  “No matter what somebody will be working minimum wage for a full day at $7.25 an hour.”

Flynn supports the Governor’s proposed budget that, if enacted, will raise the minimum wage to $12 and then $15 by 2025.

Of the current $7.25 per hour rate, Flynn said, “I don’t think that’s a fair wage for anyone.”




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