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City Confidential / 09.02.2019

Does money buy love or votes?  This week, Democratic County Commissioner Jerry Notarianni officially kicked off his campaign for re-election.  He's bringing former Lackawanna County Director of Economic Development George Kelly along for the ride.  The two will face Notarianni's nemesis Patrick O'Malley and an as of yet unnamed running mate in this May's primary election.  There are more than a few Democratic up and comers angry at O'Malley's decision to switch sides and play ball with Republican Laureen Cummings. Some speculate that this will be an epic fight to the political death.  We disagree.  O'Malley saw this coming and has...

Crime / 06.02.2019

It has been a rough two and a half years for the Scranton School District.  The recent arrests of former business administrator Gregg Sunday and former fleet manager Daniel Sansky can be traced to an October 2017 audit report issued by Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale. “It’s clear the corruption we discovered affected student education by taking at least $1 million in taxpayer funds out of the classroom, causing teacher furloughs, and cutting back programs such as art and music," said DePasquale in response to Sunday's arrest last week. Sunday was charged with conflict of interest after an investigation revealed that the...