City Council Approves 2019 Budget - Scranton Citizen
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City Council Approves 2019 Budget

The Scranton City Council voted 3-2 Monday evening to approve Mayor Bill Courtright’s proposed budget for 2019.  Council President Pat Rogan, Councilman Tim Perry, and Councilman Wayne Evans provided the Mayor the three votes he needed for a majority.  Councilman Kyle Donahue and Councilman Bill Gaughan voted no.

The $110 million budget is $3 million higher than the current year.  Taxes remain even as a result of the controversial 2016 sale of city assets.  Courtright and his supporters are marketing his proposal as evidence that the city has turned a corner.

City Business Administrator David Bulzoni previously praised the budget.  He said, “In effect, the 2019 budget continues to pivot from crises to recovery.”

Gaughan, on the other hand, felt that there were too many unanswered questions.  Rogan replied that his colleague was looking for a reason to oppose the budget.  He said, “The bottom line is your taxes aren’t going up and you’re services are getting better.”

““It’s a feasible budget. It’s a workable budget,” said Perry.


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