Courtright Denies Resignation Rumors, Will Fight On - Scranton Citizen
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Courtright Denies Resignation Rumors, Will Fight On

Scranton Mayor Bill Courtright told the Scranton Times-Tribune Sunday that rumors of his resignation are unfounded.  The Mayor declined to explain the nature of the search of his offices and home but did state that he had hired attorney Paul Walker to represent him in the matter.

City officials told the newspaper that they had been left in the dark.  David Bulzoni, the city’s administrator, is on medical leave but met with the mayor Friday to discuss the situation.  He declined to provide specifics but did convey his disbelief at the whole situation.  Police Chief Carl Graziano is also unaware of why the FBI decided to launch a raid into his city.

“I haven’t heard a word,” he told the Times-Tribune. “I haven’t heard anything.”

On Wednesday, federal agents executed search warrants of offices in City Hall and the Mayor’s West Mountain residence.


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