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City Confidential / 01.03.2019

The Scranton Times-Tribune has been on a hot streak since we last wrote.  Borys Krawczeniuk conducted an exhaustive examination of the campaign finance reports of Democratic Mayor Bill Courtright and picked through years of Republican State Representative candidate Frank Scavo's Facebook posts to unearth racist and bigoted posts against Muslims. Lackawanna County politics as a pay to play culture - where contractors and professionals contribute campaign money in exchange for government work - comes as no surprise to seasoned observers.  Where Krawczeniuk scored big is laying out the breadth and depth of a corrosive system that benefits both Democrats and Republicans.  Courtright raised $114,048...

Politics / 28.10.2018

Twelve city residents have submitted letters requesting consideration for the seat left vacant by the death of Carol Oleski earlier this month.  The following individuals have put their names forward: Pedro Luis Anes of Beech Street, Chairman of the Scranton Human Relations Commission Gayle Thorpe Baar of Seymour Avenue Tom Borthwick of North Sumner Avenue, former Vice Chairman of the Scranton Parking Authority. Sarah Cruz of East Market Street Catherine Fox of Philo Street Glynis Johns of Townhouse Boulevard Tom McIntyre of East Mountain Road Kenneth Norton of Rundle Street Michael Oakes of Birch Street Gopal Patel of Quincy Avenue, member of the Scranton Sewer Authority Greg Popil of North Cameron...