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City Confidential / 01.03.2019

The Scranton Times-Tribune has been on a hot streak since we last wrote.  Borys Krawczeniuk conducted an exhaustive examination of the campaign finance reports of Democratic Mayor Bill Courtright and picked through years of Republican State Representative candidate Frank Scavo's Facebook posts to unearth racist and bigoted posts against Muslims. Lackawanna County politics as a pay to play culture - where contractors and professionals contribute campaign money in exchange for government work - comes as no surprise to seasoned observers.  Where Krawczeniuk scored big is laying out the breadth and depth of a corrosive system that benefits both Democrats and Republicans.  Courtright raised $114,048...

City Confidential / 09.11.2018

Political types can be forgiven for sleeping through most of this week.  The Blue Wave has come and gone.  With several Senate seats still up for grabs, it looks as if the Democratic Party successfully harnessed backlash against President Donald Trump to take control of the House of Representatives. Incumbent Democratic Senator Bob Casey defeated Republican Congressman Lou Barletta.  The scale of his victory was predicted by the polls.  For those of us who were around during his first 2006 Senate race against Rick Santorum, it is remarkable to think how far the underdog from the Electric City has come. Governor Tom Wolfe was easily re-elected...