Donahue Laments Dark Cloud of Corruption - Scranton Citizen
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Donahue Laments Dark Cloud of Corruption

While most of Scranton’s political class remained silent following news of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raid on City Hall and Mayor Bill Courtright’s West Mountain residence, Democratic Councilman Kyle Donahue lamented the “dark cloud of corruption” that hangs over the city.  At the first City Council meeting following the raids, he said:

I would only urge the mayor, that if he did nothing wrong, he should make a statement to that effect and continue to come to work every day to do the work the residents of this city elected him to do. If he did do something wrong, especially with everything going on with the school district and in the county, I strongly urge you to do whatever is necessary to spare the residents of this city from the dark cloud of corruption that would inevitably hang over all of us.

Donahue is a frequent critic of the Courtright Administration.

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