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Crime / 06.02.2019

It has been a rough two and a half years for the Scranton School District.  The recent arrests of former business administrator Gregg Sunday and former fleet manager Daniel Sansky can be traced to an October 2017 audit report issued by Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale. “It’s clear the corruption we discovered affected student education by taking at least $1 million in taxpayer funds out of the classroom, causing teacher furloughs, and cutting back programs such as art and music," said DePasquale in response to Sunday's arrest last week. Sunday was charged with conflict of interest after an investigation revealed that the...

City Confidential / 28.09.2018

The Scranton School District is embroiled in a web of scandal and dysfunction rarely seen in the annals of Lackawanna County politics.  The arrest of one time fleet manager  Daniel Sansky on charges that he defrauded taxpayers by overbilling for work performed at Danny's Auto Body comes as little surprise to those familiar with the findings of Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale in the 2017 performance audit report of district operations.  A teacher phoned yesterday to remind us that this is all the tip of the iceberg. Bob Lesh disputes that he is the "BL" listed in the indictment.  It's a hard case to make...