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Crime / 20.11.2018

State law enforcement officials raided the offices of the Scranton School District Tuesday and seized boxes of evidence for the ongoing corruption investigation of district practices.  State Police and investigators from the Office of the Attorney General seized files and computers from the board secretary and transportation offices.  The raid is linked to the September arrest of Daniel Sansky, who faces several felony counts for defrauding taxpayers. Sansky is charged with using his business, Danny’s Auto Service, to overbill and double-bill for work performed on district vehicles. The indictment, and Tuesday's raid, were set in motion by a scathing 2017 performance audit...

Crime, Politics / 05.09.2018

Heads understandably turned at last week's meeting of the Scranton School District Board of Education: two plainclothes investigators from the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General were on hand to discreetly take notes. Why were they there? Informed observers believe it is linked to the investigation requested by the school board back in January. Directors took the move after Auditor General Eugene DePasquale released a scathing performance audit of the district's finance and operations. DePasquale said his 2017 performance audit of the Scranton School District, Lackawanna County, shows serious financial instability and an extreme level of board and administrative staff dysfunction rarely observed...