Scranton Teachers Edge Closer to Strike - Scranton Citizen
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Scranton Teachers Edge Closer to Strike

With the first day of the Scranton School District fast approaching, the Scranton Federation of Teachers is urging its members to stop volunteering to support activities outside of normal work hours. This is one step closer to a strike.

Rosemary Boland, head of the teacher’s union, told the Scranton Times-Tribune that her patience is wearing thin. She said, “We’re not helping the district anymore with doing all the fake stuff. We still have teachers without jobs. When they get their jobs back, then we’ll talk again.”

The union and school leaders met to negotiate on the teachers’ unexpired contract last week. This was the first time representative from both sides sat down together in nearly five months. The last negotiating session was in April.

Although her members have authorized her to call a strike, Boland has not issued the order to do so. Her call to refrain from helping out beyond the scope of routine duties appears to be another rung in the union’s ladder of escalation. This could end with a walk out.

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