School Board Tie Vote, Uncertain Future for Teachers - Scranton Citizen
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School Board Tie Vote, Uncertain Future for Teachers

Scranton’s school directors shocked observers Monday by failing to vote to finalize the lay off of sixteen teachers for the coming school year.

The school district’s budget for the year – students return next week – is predicated on staff reductions. That all came into question as the state required resolution failed by a tie vote of 3-3. Directors Robert Casey, Barbara Dixon, and Kate Gilmartin voted in favor with Paige Gebhardt Cognetti, Mark McAndrew, and Tom Schuster against.

The unexpected outcome presents an uncertain future for the laid off teachers. Union head Rosemary Boland told the Times-Tribune, “They have to bring them back.”

The school board has the option of scheduling a special meeting to take another vote. Absent from the meeting were directors Bob Lesh, Paul Duffy, and Carol Oleski.



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