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Resident Slams Councilman Perry

On Sunday, Scranton resident Marge Krawitz took to Facebook to publicly criticize Democratic Councilman Tim Perry’s response to complaints about the condition of the intersection at Ferdinand Street and Church Avenue.  Krawitz accused Perry of ignoring her requests for assistance for six months and believes the incumbent – on the Democratic primary ballot this May – is taking action now because it is campaign season.

“This problem is a safety problem and should have been fixed a year ago,” wrote Krawitz.

Like many sections of the city, the intersection and surrounding streets do not have proper drainage and water pools following rain and snowstorms.

Krawitz acknowledged that, after repeated voicemails and messages, Perry e-mailed her over the weekend and told her he would raise the issue with City Council.  Still, she was unimpressed.  “Oh, wait,” she continued, “Tim Perry is running for City Council again so he is email and answering me because he doesn’t want any negativity during his campaign.”

Perry did raise the problem during his public comments at Monday’s City Council meeting.  “There’s an issue that we’ve been dealing with for a while on Ferdinand Street and Church Avenue,” he said.  “It’s just standing water that’s been happening and the residents there are happy that the drain and the sewer issue was fixed with the cleaning out.”

Perry indicated that a letter had been previously sent to the Department of Public Works and while he was aware the repairs were “not gonna happen this year” he wanted recommendations from the city engineer if it could be included in planning for the next city budget.  He concluded that the drainage issue could be resolved by “milling and repaving to fix the pitch of that street in order to run the water correctly into the storm drain.”

Krawitz was skeptical of the Councilman’s sudden action.

Well, I don’t think he should get elected again,” she wrote.  “If you don’t help people or answer people in a timely manner then why should people vote for you.”

Perry is partnered with U.S. Army veteran Andy Chomko in the May 21st Democratic primary election for two seats on the City Council.  The other declared candidates are School Director Mark McAndrew and physical therapist Jessica Rothchild.


Update:: Well, after 6 months of e-mailing and calling the office leaving my number about the problem on the corner of…

Posted by Marge Krawitz on Monday, February 11, 2019


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