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O’Malley Runs with Local Attorney

The Democratic primary race for Lackawanna County Commissioner continued to take shape Wednesday as incumbent Patrick O’Malley announced local attorney Debra Domenick as his running mate.  O’Malley made it official in spirited remarks before a crowd of 400 supporters at his family’s catering hall in Blakely.

O’Malley praised Domenick’s experience as a county public defender, mother, and citizen.  He said, “And as a friend to the people of Lackawanna County, she wants to make sure that everything that we vote on or push through our government is the best it can possibly be.”

“I want to do more,” said Domenick, a resident of Dunmore, who wants the county to step up the  fight the opioid epidemic.

While other candidates may join the race, the two are poised to square off against Commissioner Jerry Notarianni and former county economic director George Kelly.  The relationship between Notarianni and O’Malley has been strained since O’Malley sided with Republican Commissioner Laureen Cummings on the choice of who to hire as chief of staff.  Prior to their run together, O’Malley had been a Republican but switched his registration at the urging of Lackawanna County Democratic Chairman Chris Patrick.

Notarianni’s took a swipe at O’Malley’s teaming up with Cummings during his own announcement last week.  He said, “The backroom deal stole the will of Lackawanna County voters and silenced me. I’ve been shut out of financial decisions, shut out of administrative decisions, shut out of backroom decisions. That will end. The voters of Lackawanna County will be heard again.”

“It is not going to be any more smoky backroom deals like the other individual talked about, because he’s the only smoky backroom deal there’s ever been,” O’Malley said Wednesday to the crowds applause.

The primary election is May 21st.

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