Marywood Rescinds Timlin Honors - Scranton Citizen
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Marywood Rescinds Timlin Honors

Rev. James Timlin, the embattled former bishop of the Diocese of Scranton, drew another rebuke this week from Catholic higher education. Sister Mary Persico, IHM, Ed.D, President of Marywood University, announced that the school was rescinding an honorary degree and medal previously presented to Timlin.

According to Persico, the state grand jury report detailing child sexual abuse at the hands of local priests has shaken and saddened her campus.  She continued, “In addition, due to the implications of the grand jury that some bishops of the Diocese of Scranton placed children and vulnerable persons at risk by failing to appropriately handle abuse cases and concealing reports of sexual abuse committed by priests, the Marywood University Board of Trustees has voted to rescind an honorary doctorate and a presidential medal bestowed on bishop James C. Timlin in 2003 and 2012 respectively. No honorary degrees or formal accolades were bestowed by the university on any other bishop referenced in the report.”

The Diocese of Scranton is formally reviewing the charges against Timlin. Last week, the University of Scranton rescinded an honorary degree and renamed a building that bore his name.

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