Lesh Denies Involvement in Schools Corruption - Scranton Citizen
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Lesh Denies Involvement in Schools Corruption

The Scranton School Board met publicly Monday for the first time since the Pennsylvania Attorney General charged former district fleet manager Daniel Sansky with several felony corruption offenses.  The seventeen page indictment alleges that Sansky, through his auto body shop, Danny’s Auto Service, overbilled and double-billed for work performed on district vehicles.

During the course of the workshop meeting held at the administration building, Board President Barbara Dixon said district leaders would get to the bottom of any wrongdoing and intended to hire an outside attorney to investigate.

Notably, the document outlined free services the shop performed for Scranton School District employees and lists a “BL,” “School Board,” as the recipient of a free automobile inspection.  According to the Scranton Times-Tribune, Scranton School Director Bob Lesh has denied that he is the “BL” listed in the indictment and did not address the report’s findings at the public meeting.

For the full text of the indictment, and the reference to “BL” found on page 15, click here.



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