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City Confidential: Week of 9/30/18

Monday was the Case of Alexis and the No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day.  Poor Alexis Kirijan.  Even though School Board President Barbara Dixon called a last minute cancellation of the regular meeting (no, BL, we mean Bob Lesh‘s basement did not flood again), that did not stop Directors Paul Duffy, Paige Gebhardt Cognetti, Mark McAndrew, and Tom Schuster from continuing with their Labor Relations Committee meeting.  The four want Jeff Brazil’s head on a platter.  Who can blame them?  Word around town is Brazil was asleep at the wheel while Daniel Sansky funnelled fraudulent bills to Gregg Sunday.  Kirijan took the brunt of the members ire and from what we are told, she gave as good as she got.

And then there’s Rosemary Boland, like the Little Engine That Could, calling out the Scranton School District for corruption, graft, and incompetence.  The Scranton Federation of Teachers president ratcheted up the rhetoric with the release of that letter to Facebook.  Then she brought the water to a boil by turning out several hundred teachers this afternoon to encircle the Administration Building.  We still think Boland’s making the best of a bad time for the School Board, and hey, at least someone in the mix is doing what they were elected to do?

Republican businessman John Chrin cannot be accused of running against Democrat Matt Cartwright with kid gloves.  If you’re not on his e-mail list, do yourself a favor and subscribe.  He’s hitting the incumbent Congressman for voting against the House majority’s move to make the middle class tax cuts permanent.

Still no word from Mayor Bill Courtright on what he makes of Pat Hinton‘s sweetheart deal at Nay Aug Park.


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