City Confidential: Week of 2/10/19 - Scranton Citizen
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City Confidential: Week of 2/10/19

Lackawanna County Commissioner Pat O’Malley knows how to throw a party.  The place was packed Wednesday as he debuted his new running mate Debra “Debbi” Domenick.  Domenick is an attractive candidate.  She is smart, young, and comes with a personal story that women voters may be drawn to.  What appeared to be a Democratic Civil War may end up as a minor, if memorable, skirmish.  In the last few weeks, O’Malley launched his re-election with a professional campaign video, tapped a capable running mate, and most importantly, is sitting on a war chest somewhere in the ballpark of $250,000.

That’s not to say anyone should count out Jerry Notarianni.  He’s a seasoned veteran of county politics and brings to the table a depth of relationships that O’Malley may have trouble matching.  It may have been a mistake to be first out of the gate with his announcement of George Kelly as his running mate.  That gave O’Malley the opportunity to stage a bigger party (400 people to Jerry’s 30 something) and introduce a teammate who stands in stark contrast to the three old white men.

In case you missed it, and we don’t know how you could, the Scranton Times-Tribune went up in smoke this week.  Either the Lynetts own a dispensary or a determined editor is trying to move public opinion.  At Monday’s City Council meeting, Democratic Councilman Tim Perry requested opinions on marijuana legalization from Police Chief Carl Graziano and District Attorney Mark Powell.  Perry’s been a proponent of legalization since City Council’s spat last year with Republican County Commissioner Laureen Cummings.  The issue does not appear to be partisan.  Councilman Wayne Evans joined Perry this week in pushing to explore options for legal weed in Scranton.

Has anyone seen the Karate Kid?

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