City Confidential: Week of 12/2/18 - Scranton Citizen
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City Confidential: Week of 12/2/18

Who needs cable when Scrantonians can attend Scranton School Board meetings?  This week your favorite cast returned for the premiere of their new season.  They never fail to deliver the high drama, laughs, and controversy avid viewers have come to expect.

The directors, minus Greg Popil (more on that later), met Monday night for their annual re-organization meeting.  Almost immediately, chaos ensued.  Directors shouted over one another as five different members – Paige Gebhardt Cognetti, Barbara Dixon, Katie Gilmartin, and Tom Schuster – were nominated for President.  Gilmartin was defeated in a 5-4 vote, with Robert Casey, Dixon, Paul DuffyBob Lesh (BL!), and Popil voting no.  Wait, you say, how can someone whose not at a meeting cast the deciding vote for the leadership of a multimillion dollar enterprise?  This is Scranton, friend, anything goes!  Turns out hat Popil had called his new BFF superintendent Alexis Kirijan to tell her he was going on vacation and needed to vote by phone.  Even though the other members had no clue and Cognetti said he didn’t follow correct procedure the majority let him participate.  And for the anti-climactic dénouement of our episode, Dixon and Casey were re-elected 5-4 for another year as President and Vice President.  This all weeks after law enforcement raided their offices.  Talk about Must See TV!

Among other, less riveting developments, City Council ratified Mayor Bill Courtright‘s 2019 budget in a vote of 3-2.  Predictably, Council President Pat Rogan and Councilmen Tim Perry and Wayne Evans praised the budget while Councilmen Bill Gaughan and Kyle Donahue poked holes and voted against it.  One member of the Resistance mused to us that Rogan’s go it along style may eventually bite him.  Some think Rogan’s the heir to the Missing Mayor.  When the revenue from the sale of city assets is no longer there to tap into, and taxes start going up again, will that fall on him in a race to succeed the Boss?

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