City Confidential: Week of 11/18/18 - Scranton Citizen
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City Confidential: Week of 11/18/18

State law enforcement officials raided the Administration Office of the Scranton School District this week.  Media reports indicate that they removed documents and computers from the board secretary and the transportation director’s offices.  The other shoe is dropping.  We bet there are lots of nervous former bus drivers in Scranton this weekend.

Mayor Bill Courtright introduced his 2019 budget this week.  No increases in city taxes but the $300 garbage fee remains in place.  If approved by City Council, the Mayor’s budget will represent the third consecutive year without hikes in taxes.  This is Scranton and that’s no small feat.  Critics of the Mayor will point to his sale of city assets.  Eventually the piper will need to be paid, though it won’t be this year.

While we are glad the Mayor emerged from his undisclosed location to perform a basic function of office, we are still waiting for an explanation on Pat Hinton‘s sweetheart deal.  The city’s licensing and permits manager is a member of Courtright’s cabinet.  What did the Mayor know and when did he know it?

We are taking a hiatus for Thanksgiving.  News will continue to be posted to the website by the fine folks who bother with that.

Don’t no one get arrested until we get back.

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